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On the pages of our blog, we have repeatedly noted the following feature of female thinking: wanting to meet a man from abroad, many ladies from the countries of the former USSR (in Particular Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) expect from foreign gentlemen. The behavior of A Slavic Men. That is, the behavior of representatives. The Stronger sex to which they are accustomed.

We receive letters from women who complain that European men do not understand the mentality of the Slavs at all, and, in connection with this, misunderstanding and difficulties in communication often arise. We have already touch on the topic of differences in mentality and the misunderstanding associated with this in the article “Dating foreigners: Where does misunderstanding come from and why do gentlemen disappear?”. Today we would like to talk about whether. We should expect behavior from a foreigner. That is unusual for him, as a representative of a particular culture.


Which Country Man Suits Me?

In the article we talk about one of the common misconceptions regarding dating and relationships with a foreigner: conscious or not. The expectation from a foreigner of the behavior of a Slavic man. Dear ladies, not a single European, even having learn more about the mentality of women from Eastern European countries. Will, and cannot, behave like a Slavic man. In an international couple, lovers will always have differences in mentality, differences in view not only on important aspects of life. But also on life. But after all, this is the attraction, brightness and unusualness of relations with. A man from another country, from another culture.

Find The Middle Ground – A Slavic Men

We would like to give some recommendations on how to accept. The differences in mentality that are present in relations with a foreigner:

  • In relations with a foreigner, be ready to compromise. Be open to a different view not only on everyday issues, com review but also on. The most important thing, on the relationship between. A man and a woman on. The distribution of roles in the family.
  • Give up the usual stereotypes of male behavior. Build a completely new relationship with a foreigner, without social or cultural stereotypes of behavior.
  • Give him the opportunity to be himself and remain an individual. At the same time. In an international couple, both partners learn to understand each other and accept. Their soulmate for who she is. Over time, you will be able to find balance in your relationship.
  • Do not require him to follow the unspoken rules of courtship and behavior. Sooner or later, but he will be able to understand you FlirtWith and adapt to the peculiarities of your mentality, while retaining, however, his cultural identity.
  • Don’t expect him to understand you and your culture. Tell your foreign lover about your culture, mentality , your ideas about the relationship between a man and a woman – this will not only diversify your communication, but also strengthen the connection that has arisen between you.

Be Open to A New Culture – A Slavic Men

Openness and tolerance towards other cultures and mores is the key to success not only in meeting a foreigner. But will also facilitate future adaptation in a new country. Having married a foreigner and move to live in another country. You will have to get use to the peculiarities of life in. The new Motherland, to the new culture. The mentality of the inhabitants and their national character.

Perhaps your husband will be able to adapt to the peculiarities of your mentality and change. However, you will not be able to change. The mentality of the inhabitants of another country or explain to them. That you are from Eastern Europe and expect different behavior from others. You will face the task of integrating into. A new society, into a different culture. The process of integration is the gradual acceptance of a new culture without abandoning one’s cultural roots and values.

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In conclusion, we would like to note that marriage with a European is not so much. The stability and security of life in Europe as real, daily relationships with a man. Who was born, brought up, grew up and matured in a different culture. Which has different values ​​and behavior patterns. This feature should be taken into account already. At the stage of dating and think carefully. About your ideas about marriage and life with a foreigner.

In case some ladies categorically disagree with the position. We have outline in this article. We can only note that it may be worth considering whether to continue. The search for a foreign husband. After all, if the usual or desirable stereotype of a man’s behavior plays. A decisive role for you, then it turns out. That you are looking for a Slavic man simply with a foreign residence permit.

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